Saturday, May 12, 2012

Time flies when you're burnin' down the house

It's amazing how time flies

I see it's now been more than a month since my last weekly post – but have no fear – the dialog is progressing in regards to teaming up with KRCG. I will be on the hunt for a sponsorship next week – if you're in the Columbia area and interested. Also working with techies on the logistics.

My new job is GREAT by the way and we haven't burnt the new house down yet, but we sure came close.

While re-seasoning my cast iron skillet, The Man and I chose to multitask and also make some progress on our DIY headboard.

Fabric, floral foam, plywood and staples littered the kitchen floor. The dogs took cover under the couch and pool table.

“I think we need a staple here,” The Man suggested.

“Why doesn't this fit? I measured twice.” I was getting frustrated.

According to the magazine, this was supposed to be a “free weekend” headboard project. It was now Wednesday.

The brief instructions had gone out the window and we were winging it.

Soon, staples weren't the only thing flying in the kitchen. The olive oil was now so hot it was jumping out of the skillet and onto the cooktop.

Leaving me to fend for myself armed with nothing more than scissors and a heavy duty staple gun, The Man tended to the skillet.

Looking back I now wonder what happened to my womanly instincts at that moment.

The Man, a skillet and high temperatures.

He “checked” the oil, added a splatter screen and came back to the headboard project.

“Shouldn't you shut it off if it's boiling,” I asked with moderate concern.

It was after all my favorite skillet and I was nearly sure he had little clue what he was doing to “re-season” it.

Before he could answer, a POOF came from the stove and the kitchen filled with smoke.

I raced to fan and silence the smoke alarm while The Man grabbed the flaming skillet and after a brief moment of 'oh no, what do I do, what do I do' he raced to the patio, still flaming.

Stella raced from under the couch only to cling to my feet as the smoke alarm continued to sound.

Now a bit less concerned since the fire was now contained outdoors, I did what any good girlfriend would do. I grabbed my iPhone snapped a few pictures of the The Man as he attempted to extinguish the skillet with flour and posted to Facebook.

*For the record, no animals were harmed in the making of this post and other than large amounts of smoke which quickly cleared, the kitchen was also spared.

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