Monday, February 17, 2014

Happily Wedded Chaos

Those who say 'wedded life is bliss,' clearly don't recall the first few months of said wedded bliss. Or they just started out a completely different way than the Garretts.

We've been married a whole five months now and so far it's been adjusting to two new jobs, two long-distance commutes and now the sale of our first home. Wedded life, while it really is a bit blissful, is really more chaotic than anything.

Yes, we're under contract to sell our first major purchase as a couple and the home where we became Mr. & Mrs.

While I have done a better job (see last post) of holding up my end of the wedding vows - we had pizza on Saturday, Derek is also holding up his - to stick by me - even when it means selling a house and moving more than an hour away.

It didn't take much convincing though, we are after all moving to the recreation capital of the Show-Me State - the Lake of the Ozarks. But when it hit The Man that he'd have to pack up and move his two prized saltwater fish tanks, life got a bit more chaotic.

"We can't live there, where would I put my tanks," became a common argument against whatever amazing abode I'd discovered.

Then came the tools.

"That one has a garage, pick that one!" But never mind that it was way out of our commute.

While tricky, compromising with The Man became a simple task in comparison to the conversations I would have with the potential landlords.

 "Your listing says 'pet friendly.' We have two."


"They're great dogs. Both are six years old and fully trained."


"Will that be a problem?"


"How big? One is 10-pounds on a fat day. The other is 80 pounds of love." That was a stretch by all accounts. Currently, at his winter weight, King Ace is a whopping 90 pounds. But 80 sounds so much smaller than 90. Ha.

After being told that pet friendly places were only friendly to dogs under 20 pounds, or being asked to pay the equivalent of my first car in deposits, our search continues.

Husband - 1
Landlords - 3
Megan - 0

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