Friday, March 11, 2011

The Way It Is: joys of pup parenthood

Here is my first "official" column for the Daily Forum. Technically it is my second column, but there weren't plans for a second and so on until the first got so much great feedback - so this is the first official - The Way It Is column by Megan Tilk.


The joys of pup parenthood

It's always a pleasure to be welcomed home from a long day of work by the two most adorable fur balls on my block — yes, I'm biased.

This day was even better than most because as I rounded into the driveway I was greeted, tails wagging, by non-other than King Ace and my other fur baby, Princess Stella at the other end of the drive.

Usually indoor dogs, it was a special treat to see them the second I arrived.

I began to wonder though as I received my full-faced kisses from said pooches, where the other male and only other two-legged figure of my household was.

And there I spotted him, jeans rolled to his knees prepped for what looked like a difficult surgery complete with bright blue medical gloves, as he straddled one of his highnesses royal droppings.

Spring had officially sprung at our home and as the snow melted, our yard began to look like a Jurassic bathroom, full of the frozen, petrified remains that even the mail carrier dared not cross.

Luckily for me, staying those few extra minutes at work meant I missed out filling the first two Walmart sacks.

But there I stood, at the base of our front porch steps with his highness rested comfortably at my feet on the warm concrete as his royal slave worked away.

The princess, who weighs in at a dainty 9 pounds, decided to make a game out the situation, dodging between the legs of the unsuspecting human pooper-scooper.

Is this really what our life had become as the proud owners of two loyal pups? Human pooper-scoopers?

"You missed one," I shouted.

His eyes shot missiles that could have blown me to deep space nine. Apparently you shouldn't poke fun at he who carries dog doo.

I tip-toed through the mine field for a closer look at the situation, only to be handed sack number three.

As I tip-toed toward the garage, with what had to be a 15-pound sack-load, it hit me.

"I sure hope no one we know drives by."

Continuing with his duties, he replied "Why? We've got more gloves."

- Megan Tilk is a reporter and weekly columnist for the Maryville Daily Forum. She can be reached at

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Allyson said...

I love editorials, you can visualize the entire scene. Very good... Keep them coming.